Hannah Brown Admits She Faked A Smile And Had A 'Pit' In Her Stomach During Jed Wyatt's Proposal

Hannah Brown says she was faking happiness when she accepted a marriage proposal from Jed Wyatt. One year after her season finale aired on ABC, The Bachelorette star posted a lengthy reflection about how she was feeling on that fateful day in Greece.

On Instagram, Hannah captioned a photo of her proposal day that was shown on The Bachelorette finale. In the photo, the Alabama pageant queen wore a gorgeous white lace gown as she waited for Jed's arrival.

Hannah captioned the pic by admitting she doesn't like to think about that day very often. She added that at the time, she thought it should feel like the best day of her life, but she knew it didn't feel the way it should. In her post, The Bachelorette star revealed that the "pit" in her stomach was screaming "this ain't it."

She also admitted that while she could "fake" a smile, she could never shake the doubt in her heart. She noted that while the end of her Bachelorette relationship was difficult, she learned from it. She added that if she could tell her 2019 self something, she would assure her that while "this ain't it," what's coming is "so much better."

In comments to the post, fans and former Bachelorette stars -- including Desiree Siegfried and Emily Maynard -- reacted to Hannah's honest reflection of her finale on the ABC dating show.

Bachelorette producer Julie LaPlaca -- who made headlines for her friendship with Peter Weber on his season of The Bachelor -- also responded to Hannah's post, noting how much the reality star has grown since she started out on the rose-filled reality franchise.

"Meeting you pre day 1, and knowing you now- it's amazing to see how much you've grown & flourished into the woman you are," LaPlaca wrote. "Strong & powerful & not willing to settle for anything less than you deserve. Keep kicking butt, the best is yet to come! Love you queen beast."

Other fans praised Hannah for being "a beacon of light and role model" for others going through similar circumstances.

Of course, fans know that the former beauty queen broke off her engagement to Jed after she found out he left behind a serious girlfriend to become one of her suitors on The Bachelorette.

Hannah's not the only one who's thankful she dodged a bullet with Jed. The Bachelorette beauty's mom, Susanne Brown, recently threw shade at Jed as she posted that she's thankful she doesn't have a son-in-law that hurts her ears when he sings.