The Gosselin Sextuplets Celebrate Their 16th Birthday

Amy Sussman Getty Images

On Sunday, May 10, while most of the nation celebrated Mother’s Day, the Gosselin sextuplets also celebrated their 16th birthday. Aaden, Leah, Joel, Alexis, Hannah and Collin Gosselin all became famous while they were only babies due to their family’s reality television show Jon & Kate Plus 8, according to Entertainment Tonight.

While Jon and Kate are now divorced and their sextuplets no longer live all together, the parents still both took to social media to wish the teens a happy birthday. Four of the sextuplets, Aaden, Joel, Alexis and Leah, live with Kate. Meanwhile, Collin and Hannah live with Jon and his girlfriend Colleen Conrad full time.

Kate’s birthday tribute on Instagram included a photo of a box of Hershey’s Kisses Cereal which served a special meaning from earlier on in their life. In front of the box were six individual chocolate Hershey’s Kisses to represent each of the six children. Birthday decorations and wrapping paper could be seen in the background.

“Happy 16th Birthday to my half a dozen ‘Hershey Kisses’, as they were called at birth! I love you so much! You’re 6 of the sweetest things to happen to my life! Thanks for making every Mother’s Day extra memorable! (They requested ‘junk cereals’ for their birthday lunch (?!) so I got a bit carried away, as usual, and got them 21 different kinds!”

Kate’s post brought in over 20,000 likes, with many people in the comments section discussing how shocked they were that the sextuplets had gotten so old already.

Even though Jon won’t be seeing the majority of his children during their birthday this year due to their separate living arrangements, he did not forget the monumental day. He also used social media to wish his children a happy birthday. He took to Instagram to create a red-and-black text graphic to share his love for all of his children.

“Happy 16th to my six wonderful kids!! Been a long road I wish all the best!!! Wow 16!!!! Love you all!!!” he wrote.

Hannah and Collin have both been living with their father since 2018, while Jon is said to have very little contact with the rest of the sextuplets. His older daughters Mady and Cara live with Kate when they are not in college.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Collin shared a tribute to his father’s girlfriend for Mother’s Day that seemed to shade Kate. He praised Conrad for the way she has been a motherly figure for him but did not post any sort of tribute to Kate.