‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Brook Lynn In Trouble Again, Chase Finds It Amusing

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

Brook Lynn Quartermaine is in trouble once again, and Detective Chase is also involved as usual. This week on General Hospital, Ned’s daughter will be sitting in the interrogation room with Chase seemingly taunting her. He appears to find it amusing how much trouble she has gotten herself into since coming back to Port Charles.

It appears that Ned won’t be helping Brook Lynn this time. He must be getting tired of bailing her out of trouble, as the previews on Thursday revealed Chase mentioning that her father won’t help her. He also pondered on who would be willing to assist her at this point. General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central may give a hint on who might be willing to help the girl out. It appears that at some point, Brook Lynn will be calling Dustin to ask for his assistance.

There was some speculation that Brook Lynn calls Julian Jerome to bail her out since she has some incriminating info on him, and that may still happen. But if he turns her down, the only other person that she knows might help her is Dustin, her former love and now songwriting partner.

It also could be the other way around. Spoilers tease that Julian will help a friend. However, those two aren’t really friends, but if Dustin turns her down, Julian may be forced to come to the rescue.

Chase is obviously getting weary of Brook Lynn’s antics. He has already been punched by her twice, and now her anger has gotten the better of her once again with Sasha ending up with a bloody nose.

Dustin seems to have a soft spot for Brook Lynn. They have a history together, but she also likes to taunt Dusty’s new girl, Lulu Falconeri, about it. Lulu will likely be very unhappy if her boyfriend bails his old flame out of jail. The two women had their own catfight a few weeks ago, but they had finally called somewhat of a truce since then. Lulu was okay with Dustin being Brook Lynn’s songwriter, but this may go too far for her.

Who will bail Brook Lynn out of jail this time? Chase doesn’t think anyone will help her, but it’s likely that one of the guys in Port Charles will, even if they are blackmailed to do it.

General Hospital fans have also noticed a little chemistry between Chase and Brook Lynn, and are hoping that something develops between them eventually.