Hanna Oberg Flaunts Toned Curves In New Leg Workout Video

Hanna ObergInstagram

Fitness model Hanna Oberg posted her latest workout video to social media platform Instagram on Friday, May 8. In the upload, Hanna taught her 1.8 million followers some of her tried and true leg toning exercises.

Hanna wore a light green sports bra and matching leggings for the workout. The top left her arms exposed, showing off her muscles and full sleeve tattoo, while also teasing a glimpse of her midsection. The leggings included a high waistband and were contoured to her curvy backside and thighs. The fitness trainer added a pair of white sneakers to complete the outfit while accessorizing with a thin bracelet.

The model’s brunette waves were pulled back into a low ponytail to keep her hair out of her way during the workout, and she left a couple of strands loose to frame her face. Hanna appeared to be wearing a touch of black mascara and lip gloss for a makeup application.

The leg toning workout consisted of five different exercises, each featured in its own short video clip in the post. Hanna carried out the routine in what appeared to be her home exercise space — an open, sunny room with wood flooring. She used a set of dumbbells, a black chair, and a gray ottoman for equipment.

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TONE YOUR LEGS - home workout happy friday sweat ???? here with a fun leg workout to save the weekend. keep the rest time short and this one will leave your legs sore ???? let me know what you think METHOD: preform as a circuit of 4-5 with 2min between rounds OR as below 1️⃣ 3 pulse sumo | 4-5set x 12reps 2️⃣ Pulse reversed lunges | 4-5set x 12reps each side 3️⃣ Narrow stance split squat | 4-5set x 15reps each leg 4️⃣ Hamstring curl into reversed frog pumps | 4-5set x 12reps 5️⃣ One leg stiff DL | 4-5set x 15reps each leg Make sure to LIKE ???? and SAVE to show your girl support thank you Wearing @gymshark lightweight leggings & essential bra Song is: fire Devon Baldwin ❇️ Spotify: haoberg

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The first exercise in the circuit was the three-pulse sumo, a move that required the use of the dumbbells. Hanna held them up to her chest and lowered her body into a squat, pulsing several times. In the second video, Hanna demonstrated the pulse reversed lunge, moving her body into a reverse lunge and pulsing her legs in the lowered position. The third move was the narrow stance split squat, for which Hanna used the black chair and dumbbells.

Hanna followed up the split squats with hamstring curls into reversed frog pumps. She positioned her body with her stomach resting on the ottoman for the move. The final exercise in the routine was the one-leg stiff deadlift.

In the caption of the workout, Hanna wished her followers a happy Friday and added that the leg workout was fun and would leave them sore. She wrote out the names of the exercises and added the number of sets and reps her trainees should do for each. She also gave them the option of performing the moves as a circuit for four to five rounds with a two-minute rest in between.

The workout earned plenty of attention from the fitness model’s fans, garnering over 25,000 likes and dozens of comments within the first day.