BBM Music Getting Discontinued By Blackberry

Oliver VanDervoort

BBM Music has been discontinued by Blackberry less than two years after it first went live. The company that was formerly known as RIM made the announcement on Thursday afternoon that the music service was going dark on June 2 and would not be included in BB10 programming.

The Canadian smartphone maker has been working hard this year in order to turn around a rather bleak outlook, and this appears to be another move in the revamped plan. Earlier this month, plans for new phones and phablets made their way to the web as another sign that the company is coming out firing in 2013.

BBM Music is the smartphone maker's own music sharing service that charges users $4.99 to use. When June 2 rolls around, the company will attempt to smooth any hurt feelings that might have occurred due to the move by offering subscribers a free month of access to Rdio.

The music service did seem to be a sort of trend setter when it came to social music sharing. For the monthly fee, you were able to share as many as 50 songs a month with friends. The more friends you got to sign up to the service, the more songs you could share on a monthly basis.

The announcement that the service would be shuttered wasn't accompanied by any explanation as to why the company decided to do this. There was also no comment as to whether the service had been profitable or yet another money loser for the company.

During the restructuring that the company has gone through, they have laid off thousands of employees from all different levels inside the company. It still isn't clear what kind of impact the company saw the music service having that they needed to discontinue it after just giving it a start in August of 2011.

Have you used BBM Music?