Steve Johnson In Trouble Over Tweet Asking North Korea To Nuke Foxboro

Stevie Johnson is once again in trouble for his outlandish statements, this time going on Twitter to wish a nuclear attack upon the home of the New England Patriots.

The Buffalo Bills wide receiver hasn’t had much luck with New England during his five seasons with the Bills, managing only a 1-9 record. So, with tensions heating up over nuclear-war-threatening North Korea, Johnson decided to wish an attack on the team that has given him and the Bills fits.

He tweeted: “War is nothing to be played with. I apologize North Korea……..but if y’all do bomb 1st… Bomb Foxboro, Mass. Sincerely,

For fans not up to date on NFL geography, Foxboro, Massachusetts is where the New England Patriots make their home. The Bills haven’t won there in more than a decade, so wishing nuclear obliteration is apparently the next best thing for Stevie Johnson.

It’s not the first time Johnson has posted something controversial. After he dropped what would have been a game-winning touchdown for the Buffalo Bills in 2009 against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Johnson appeared to blame God for the loss.

Johnson tweeted: “I PRAISE YOU 24/7!!!!!! AND THIS HOW YOU DO ME!!!!!” he tweeted late Sunday afternoon. “YOU EXPECT ME TO LEARN FROM THIS??? HOW???!!! ILL NEVER FORGET THIS!! EVER!!! THX THO”

It was a bit of an overreaction for a team that was already eliminated from the playoffs in November, but Johnson has been known for his boisterous nature. He has twice been fined for endzone celebrations including one last year against the New York Jets that mocked receiver Plaxico Burress for shooting himself in the leg.

This week, Stevie Johnson seemed to stand behind his North Korea tweets.

i know some of yall took it too serious.. but i have Much Respect for The Pats along with Every other NFL Team. Gonna to be a Great #NFL2013

— STVN (@StevieJohnson13) April 4, 2013

While Stevie Johnson likely won’t get his wish for North Korea to drop a nuke on Foxboro, he has a chance to do some damage himself. The Bills find out when they play at Foxboro when the NFL schedules are released this month.