Meghan McCain Reveals True Feelings About ‘The View’ Co-Hosts

Meghan McCain revealed her true feelings about her co-hosts on The View. In an Instagram post, she noted her pride regarding the hard work the series has done over the past few years in engaging viewers to become more politically aware. She posted a lengthy statement revealing just how much effort goes into each live episode and how much she respects her fellow panelists — Sunny Hostin, Whoopi Goldberg, and Joy Behar.

Meghan, who has been broadcasting from home along with her fellow co-hosts for weeks due to the COVID-19 health crisis shelter-in-place orders, dove into how much appreciation she has for the difficulty in getting the daily live show on the air. She cited everyone in production and how everyone has worked as a unit to make the show’s most recent remote broadcasts happen.

In the statement, Meghan spoke about how hesitant she was to join The View in 2017. However, she later realized the important work the show has done and continues to do to educate viewers about important political topics. She stated she was most proud of the way the show depicts women as strong, smart, hard, and intense, and the panelists do not have to be “likable” or “traditionally relatable.”

“I’m so proud of what we have turned this show into, thank you all for supporting, watching, hating, and talking. I wouldn’t change a thing,” Meghan explained.

Fans of the series and the political commentator applauded her statements.

“Wasn’t sure about the matchup when you first arrived but you have gained me as a fan thank you from a very liberal lady,” remarked one viewer of the series.

“I love this show and even though I don’t agree with your politics, I love watching and hearing what you have to say. Honestly, I like the way you stand up for beliefs and I feel that it has inspired me to be a stronger person who is not afraid to voice her opinion. Thank you for this gift!” said a second fan.

The View, which quietly entered ABC’s daytime lineup in the summer of August 1997, was not initially a political juggernaut. While the show always welcomed political figureheads, it wasn’t until the presidential election of 2008 when it gained attention as a place where politicians would be welcomed to share their views. In 2010, Barack Obama became the first sitting president to appear on a daytime talk show when he sat down with the women of The View. Since then, the women, all sharing differing political opinions, discuss the best and worst of American politics in an attempt to further educate their viewers beyond television sound bytes.

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