Joy-Anna Duggar Criticized For Photo Of Her Son Pouring Out Milk, Explains Why She Took It

Joy-Anna Duggar used a photo of her toddler son, Gideon, to demonstrate what kind of day she was having, but some of the Counting On star’s Instagram followers questioned her decision to take a photo of the rambunctious tot misbehaving.

On Tuesday, Joy-Anna shared a new solo snapshot of Gideon on her Instagram account. The two-year-old was pictured perched on top of one of the black plastic bar stools in his family’s kitchen. While wearing only a diaper, the mischievous Gideon emptied out the contents of a gallon jug of milk.

Gideon was holding the plastic milk jug upside down in his left hand and staring down intently at the granite countertop in front of him. A massive puddle of milk covered the counter and dripped down to create another puddle on the floor. Milk had also splashed onto one of the stools next to Gideon, and there were a few droplets visible on the stool he was standing on. The two-year-old was standing so close to the edge of the backless stool that he had his bare toes curled around it.

The milk jug was almost completely empty, but a stream of white was still visible flowing out of the container when Joy-Anna snapped her photo. In the caption of her post, the pregnant mother-of-one wrote that it was just “one of those mornings.”

Since it was initially posted, Joy-Anna’s photo has received over 86,000 likes. However, her Instagram followers had some concerns about the snapshot.

“This picture terrifies me!! So dangerous! The milk is the last thing I see,” read one response to her post.

Another commenter pointed out exactly how Gideon’s antics could have ended in disaster. The critic noted that one small movement was all that it would have taken for the toddler to end up seriously hurt while Joy-Anna was preoccupied with taking a photo of him.

“All he would have had to do is shift his weight forward a tiny bit and the chair would have went flying out from behind him and he would have hit his face on the counter on the way to the ground. But let’s just take a picture right? Instead of stopping him from what he’s doing. Toddler or not it is OK to say no instead of watch him proceed to empty out the milk gallon.”

Joy-Anna didn’t respond to the comments criticizing her decision to allow Gideon to keep pouring the milk out, but she did answer one fan who asked her why she decided to take a photo of him as he did so.

“He had already poured out most of the jug so why not?”

Many of the Counting On star’s fans assured her that they saw nothing wrong with her actions, and they let her know that they found the photo hilarious. Others were curious about whether Gideon had managed to climb up on top of the stool himself. In the home tour video that Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth shared on their family’s YouTube page last month, the tot demonstrated how he can easily push the lightweight stools around the kitchen. However, his mom was shown lifting him up when he wanted to stand on top of one.

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