Wendy Williams Says Her Past Radio Career Prepared Her For In-Home Shows During Quarantine

During a recent interview with CNN, daytime television host Wendy Williams opened up about working from home throughout the pandemic and about how her former career in radio broadcasting equipped her for at-home shows. Williams, who is used to filming The Wendy Williams Show in front of a live audience, is currently taping it from her New York City apartment, almost entirely alone.

Williams noted that she misses the feeling of being able to interact with a live audience during her show. However, she has learned to make the best of things during these difficult times. She got her start as a radio host covering pop culture topics. It’s because of this that she says she has the speaking skills necessary to carry out her at-home broadcasts, she explained.

“If it wasn’t for radio, I could not do this quarantine thing from home thing properly. I’ve so enjoyed this 11, going on 12 years, of doing the talk show with the studio and hundreds of people and clapping and the immediate response. I’ve so enjoyed that, but it is much easier for me as a host to be here at home, with no audience, because it’s always been about description. You know, I’ve been a radio host longer than I’ve been a TV host, so yes, right. Thank God for radio.”

Despite her prior experience, Williams was extremely reluctant to produce her show from her place. During the interview, she explained that she felt certain aspects would be lost without it being filmed in a studio. She would not be sitting in her trademark purple chair, nor would she have a hair and makeup team to help prepare her. It would clearly be a very different process than what she is used to.

Nevertheless, Williams eventually gave in after realizing that she wanted to remain connected to her fans during these times of quarantine. She explained that only one cameraman is allowed into her apartment on a daily basis to help film her. All of her interviews are done virtually, and she is able to view her production team from her computer screen.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Williams has had a hard time throughout quarantine and has become emotional multiple times on air. Most recently, she teared up while expressing her concern regarding workers in the meat industry. The nation is currently at risk of facing meat shortages and many employees have had to work in less than desirable conditions.

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