Tyra Banks Gets Bashed On Twitter After Old ‘America’s Next Top Model’ Clips Surface

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Tyra Banks is being criticized on Twitter for her past comments on America’s Next Top Model.

The modeling competition that was created and hosted by Banks sent social media abuzz on Monday, May 4. According to Newsweek, several old clips began to surface of the supermodel judging the contestants on her show. However, it was one video in particular that caught several Twitter users’ attention.

In a clip from a 2006 episode of the series, Banks criticized aspiring model Danielle Evans for her gap, doing so in front of the judges and Evans’ fellow contestants. She told Evans her gap was “not marketable” and would have a hard time getting endorsements if she decided to keep it. Banks then pressured the contestant into getting dental surgery during the contest. Evans agreed to close her gap partially, even though the host and her team wanted it fully closed.

“Do you really think you can have a Cover Girl contract with a gap in your mouth?” Banks asked Evans.

NEW YORK - MAY 18: Models Danielle Evans and Tyra Banks attend the CW Television Network Upfront at Madison Square Garden May 18, 2006 in New York City.
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Fans of ANTM will know Evans eventually won the competition back in 2006. However, this didn’t stop Banks from receiving backlash for her actions. After the video was posted, she was deemed a bully and villain by social media users. She was also bashed for telling Evans, who is black, that her gap wouldn’t work even though several white models with gaps have been featured in renowned fashion magazines. Many Twitter users suggested Banks apologize for her actions toward Evans.

“Tyra Banks owes Danielle a public apology. PERIOD,” one user demanded.

“Why was this allowed to air wtf Tyra Banks is going to straight hell,” another tweeted.

E! News correspondent Nina Parker also retweeted the clip on her Twitter page, saying she remembered feeling “discouraged” by Banks’ words and admitting the comments almost made her rethink her own television career.

Several more Twitter users pointed out Banks was also critical of Evans’ Southern accent. Viewers watched as she suggested that Evans, who’s from Arkansas, soften her dialect to become more approachable in campaigns.

While Banks was critiqued by many of her former fans, many of her current supporters decided to defend her online. They pointed out that the remarks were made than two decades ago, and she shouldn’t be canceled for them in 2020.

“Posting old ANTM videos is not going to make me stop liking Tyra Banks idc,” one fan said.

“Yall bring up Tyra Banks’ old ANTM clips and Naomi Campbell every month trying to cancel her. Are y’all not tired?” another supporter asked.

Banks has yet to address the comments about her past actions on ANTM. The series ran for 24 cycles, mostly on the CW network. After it was canceled by CW in 2015, the model briefly revived the show on VH1. Instead of hosting the reboot, she enlisted singer Rita Ora to be the host of the competition. At the height of ANTM, Banks continued modeling and hosted her daytime talk show, The Tyra Banks Show.