‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Tuesday: Sam & Kristina Get Into Heated Showdown

General Hospital fans were happy to have all the Davis girls on screen on Monday’s show. However, things got to be quite heated after a little while between Sam and Kristina. The show ended with quite the drama between those two, and their showdown is expected to continue on Tuesday.

It was confession time for Molly as she ended up telling Alexis all about her one night with Brando Corbin. She was definitely not pleased with her sisters being on opposite sides, as Soap Central had teased, and she ended up blurting it out. Her mother was shocked to hear this. Molly’s older sisters were equally shocked that she confessed so quickly. The guilt is eating her up. Sam thinks that she should tell TJ the truth, while Kristina believes that it’s best to keep it quiet. Their disagreement over Molly’s dilemma led them to a complete blowout over words that were said by Kristina about Jason and Sam.

Once Kristina mentioned to Sam that she wasn’t the best one to be telling their sister what to do because of her situation with Jason, Sam got hot under the collar. Her older sister told Kristina that if she hadn’t had to get her out of Shiloh’s grasp, then she wouldn’t be on parole right now and away from Jason. Sam literally told her that she blamed her for everything that has happened.

On Tuesday, their argument will continue as Kristina will take credit for Jason and Sam finding their way back to each other in the first place. She has always been a big cheerleader for the couple, always telling Sam that they belonged together. Now Sam is blaming her for them being apart.

Sam has been lashing out recently, and General Hospital fans have taken to social media to express their feelings about that. They are not happy that she is into everyone’s business, including the situation between Molly and Brando.

“Sam, by the time you killed Shiloh Kristina was out of the cult. Also, it was your past that brought him to Port Charles. So, this is on you, not Kristina. #GH,” one person said on Twitter.

Many others agreed with this sentiment. The General Hospital spoilers for the week of May 5 showed a little bit of what is to come between the two Davis girls. An angry Kristina tells Sam that she and Jason wouldn’t even be together if there wasn’t any drama. That will surely hit home for Sam, and the lashing out will most likely continue between them. Will Alexis intervene before more harsh words are said?

Spoilers also say that Alexis will come clean about something. She may try to defer their heated exchange by making her own confession about her drinking a few weeks ago. Sam already knows, but Molly and Kristina have no idea that their mother fell off the wagon recently. There is much more drama on Tuesday’s General Hospital between the Davis women.

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