May 5, 2020
Dez Bryant Sees Signing Of Andy Dalton As A Threat To Dak Prescott

Count Dez Bryant among those who aren't happy that the Dallas Cowboys signed former Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton to a free-agent contract. When Dalton was signed to the one-year deal last week, there were some reports saying the team was bringing in the veteran quarterback just in case something went wrong with Dak Prescott. It appears Bryant is one of those who believe the former Bengal isn't just in Dallas to be the backup.

Bryant took to Twitter over the weekend to voice his displeasure with the Cowboys' move.

"Nothing against Andy dalton because I think he's a great player..but the cowboys are extremely out of line... Pay Dak... I watched the cowboys pay Tony Twice once without a winning rec... I guess the cowboys viewing the QB position a plug-in piece because of the dominant offense"
While Bryant was first angry about the fact that the Cowboys still haven't gotten a long term deal with Dak Prescott yet, his comments soon turned to a belief that there might be something more at play. When one of his followers tried to calm him down by saying he had been told by sources that the Cowboys weren't looking at Dalton as anything other than a backup, Bryant talked about how he didn't trust what he was told by teams.He posted on Twitter that he had been told all sorts of things that turned out to be false right after. He added that Dalton has been a starter for his entire career.

Bryant then turned his ire back on the team for not getting a deal done with Prescott before now. The Cowboys have put the franchise tag on the quarterback and have talked about eventually agreeing to a long term deal. While the front office has made noise about wanting to get a deal done, Bryant feels as though it's taking too long. He believes the team should have given him a new contract with multiple years shortly after the season ended.

Earlier this winter, there were analysts who believed Prescott was asking for $30 million per year. There are also some analysts who believe he might be able to get that contract.

Prescott just finished his fourth season with the team and put up the best numbers of his career by far. The quarterback threw for just under 4,900 yards and 30 touchdowns to just 11 interceptions. He also ran for just over 270 yards and three touchdowns. Despite those numbers, Prescott's team finished just 8-8 in 2019.

Until very recently, Bryant had hopes of joining Prescott on the Cowboys. When the team drafted rookie receiver CeeDee Lamb and gave him Bryant's old number, it was seen by analysts close to the team as a sign the franchise had officially moved on from any chance of a reunion with the veteran receiver.