‘The Young And The Restless’ Preview For Tuesday: Nikki Fantasizes That Her Death Devastates Victor

Robert VoetsCBS

The Young and the Restless preview for Tuesday, May 5, teases a classic episode from August 17, 1987, where Nikki fakes a deathly illness while Victor pretends that he doesn’t know she’s faking. Plus, Phillip plans for a romantic proposal.

Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) dreams of reuniting with Victor (Eric Braeden) after Ashley (Eileen Davidson) is out of the picture, according to SheKnows Soaps. Nikki suffered from a deadly lung infection, but she’s feeling better. However, Nikki doesn’t want to reveal the truth that she’s improving because, during her illness, Victor gives her plenty of attention while ignoring Ashley, and that’s precisely what Nikki wants to happen.

Interestingly, Victor knows that Nikki is faking, and he has plans that will leave her stunned. Of course, Ashley is pulling out all the stops to keep her husband. Before the whole thing ends, Nikki has a dream in which she fakes her own death, and things get a bit crazy with her viewing set up at The Ranch and everything. In the fantasy moment, Nikki lays in a coffin dressed in white lace, and candles glow. A somber Victor looks on, and then Ashley knocks on the door. Victor answers and allows Ashley, who is wearing a pink midriff-baring dress and giant 80s hair, to come in, and she’s a bit taken aback by the coffin with Nikki lying inside.

Ashley tells Victor how wonderful it is because now he won’t even need a divorce from Nikki, but The Mustache isn’t thrilled about Ashley’s callous attitude. Nikki slowly opens her eyes and sits up as Victor relays to Ashley that he’s not ready to get married to her so quickly after Nikki’s untimely passing. Shortly after Victor tells Ashley that Nikki will always be alive for him, Nikki wakes up from her dream to realize that she’s still alive, and Victor is still having an affair with Ashley.

Phillip (Thom Bierdz) makes plans for a future with Cricket (Lauralee Bell). They have dated for a while, and he is ready to make things official. There’s just one tiny problem, though. Cricket hasn’t broken up with Danny (Michael Damian), yet. They were only on a break, so Danny believes that they will pick right up where they left off, which could leave Phillip out in the cold. Both men want a lifetime with Cricket, but she can only choose one, which will leave one of the men quite upset. Because Cricket loves Danny, things don’t look good for Phillip even though he gets a ring.