Tuesday's 'General Hospital' Spoilers: Carly Has Big Questions For Nina

General Hospital spoilers for the episode airing on Tuesday, May 5 indicate that Nina will face some challenging questions from Carly. Not that long ago, Nina insisted that her decision to hire Nelle at Crimson was meant to help Michael in his custody case. Now, however, Carly will be wondering if that is still the case.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Carly and Nina will end up arguing during Tuesday's show. It does appear that this will be regarding Nelle, but spoilers also suggest that this will get even more intense in the days ahead.

Nina decided to hire Nelle so she could keep an eye on her and feed information back to Carly for Michael's sake. However, as viewers have seen, Nina has softened toward Nelle. She sees herself in her new assistant and has tried to offer some support and insight to Nelle. The two aren't the best of buddies by any stretch, but the connection that is developing will not be missed by Carly.

In the sneak peek for Tuesday's episode, Carly is seen at the Crimson offices. This snippet comes at some point after the two women have already been talking for a few moments, as Carly tersely notes that Nina seems to be saying that Nelle has won her over.

It seems likely that Nina will scramble a bit here. She probably will not acknowledge that she is ready to throw her full support behind Nelle. At the same time, she seemingly says enough for Carly to read between the lines that Nina is not going to be quite the ally she anticipated.

This softening on Nina's part is just the beginning of a connection building with Nelle. Viewers now know that Nelle appears to have the other half of the necklace that Nina has been holding onto as she dreams of finding her biological daughter.

Neither Nelle nor Nina yet knows that the other one has part of this necklace. However, General Hospital spoilers suggest that the time will come soon where at least one of the two women realizes this. There is little doubt that the jewelry will serve to draw the two closer to one another.

Fans still suspect there is another twist on the way with this necklace, something that would make this a more complex scenario than just the idea that Nelle is Nina's daughter. In the meantime, Carly will be anxious to counter Nina's growing connection to Nelle and soon the Crimson assistant will be asking her boss for a big favor.

General Hospital spoilers hint that Nina will feel stuck in the middle, and her romance with Jax is probably not going to make this any easier. The courtroom showdown is a matter of days away and things will probably get ugly as Carly searches for a fresh angle to help Michael and destroy Nelle seemingly without Nina's help.