Weekly ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Julian Threatens Nelle, Brook Lynn Slaps Sasha, & Ava Gives Nik A Choice

A juicy sneak peek for the week of May 4 has just been released, and General Hospital spoilers tease that there are juicy confrontations on the way. Not only will Nikolas face a difficult decision, but Nelle will be struggling to find allies. Also, there’s major fallout coming for Sasha over her fake fling with Chase.

As the weekly preview shared on Twitter indicates, Nikolas and Ava are going to have a contentious conversation. This will be sparked by a letter from his son Spencer, and it puts Nik in a difficult spot. While Ava does support seeing Spencer and Nikolas reconcile, she will quickly make it clear that she’s not walking away from this marriage without a major payday.

Nelle is preparing for her court battle with Michael, but she doesn’t have many people looking to help her out. General Hospital spoilers from the preview show that she will end up at Charlie’s Pub at some point this week, but Julian tells her she’s not welcome there.

Whatever it is that Nelle has in mind with this visit or says to Julian, it looks like he’ll shut things down quickly. He’ll tell her that she’s done there, and it seems he’ll make it clear that this isn’t open for discussion.

Both Nelle and Julian know the truth about the baby swap. Essentially, she was the instigator and not a victim. They both have secrets to hide, but it does seem that Julian probably has an upper hand in this dynamic.

Julian is hiding that he tampered with Brad’s car before the accident, but Nelle has no idea about that. He’s also hiding his involvement in helping Brad cover his tracks for so long, and Nelle is aware of at least some of that. However, she probably can’t expose him without exposing herself.

According to SheKnows Soaps, there are some interesting Julian developments ahead. Given this new sneak peek, it does seem possible that these things are all connected. During Thursday’s episode, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Julian will help a friend while Nelle presents a proposition to someone.

This week, viewers will also see quite the encounter happen at Sonny’s gym. Brook Lynn will find herself in hot water again, and it appears that it comes as she is defending Michael. Somehow Chase, Sasha, Brook Lynn, and Michael end up at the gym at the same time, and things get heated. Brook Lynn will haul off and slap Sasha across the face, leaving both Michael and Chase stunned.

General Hospital spoilers share that there’s a tense conversation between Kristina and Sam coming, along with the return of Martin and an argument between Nina and Carly. There is a lot of drama packed into the new shows airing this week, and fans won’t want to miss any of the chaos ahead.

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