Megan Thee Stallion Reveals New Hairstyle While Blasting Latest Single

Megan Thee Stallion is revealing more than a new single with Beyoncé these days. The rapper posted an Instagram video of her sporting a Storm-inspired hairstyle while playing her latest release in the background. Megan has been known to flaunt long black curls or bone-straight styles, but the new look is shorter and flirtier than ever before.

On April 29, as reported by Refinery 29, The Stallion posted the cover art for the "Savage" remix with Beyoncé. The song is not only a full rework on the original hit track, it's also an ode to Houston, Texas, the hometown for both Meg and Bey.

Fans around the world have been blasting the track, screaming "demon time" is now and a "Savage summer" is upon us. While many have heard Beyoncé rap on previous tracks, the 38-year-old singer may have given the 24-year-old rapper a run for her money. However, as Bey raps in the song, there's no comparing the equally talented duo.

"I'm a bad b*tch, she's a savage, no comparison hereI'ma flip my hair and look back while I twerk in the mirror."
Riding the high of the new track, Megan also teased a new look. The rapper made the black-and-silver layered hairstyle, along with a bold red lip, look casual and very sofa-worthy as she sported a distressed Rick and Morty t-shirt. The caption of her social media post read "Living room hottie," along with an appropriate hashtag, followed by the horse and bee emoji.
Fans filled the comments section of the Instagram post with streams of heart-eyed and flame emoji.

"Yazz hair slay," read a comment followed by a flex and the 100 emoji.

"A REAL HOT GIRL," another Instagrammer raved.

Even fellow celebs are loving the new flirty look.

"The storm look is everything," commented singer and entertainer Charlie Xile.

The upload also received a few heart-eyed emoji from fellow female rapper Maliibu Miitch.

The post has pulled in a little over 1 million views and more than 4,000 comments. The remix has attracted a great deal of attention, with a new dance routine from TikTokers, and has even earned each musician a holiday in their name in the city of Houston.

"Because of both artists contributions to uplifting our communities, holding down #HTown, & helping us remain #HoustonStrong our city will present both artists with their own respective days," tweeted Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, as seen in a screenshot on Megan's Instagram.

Megan's latest studio album, Suga, is streaming on all platforms.