'Waffogato' Is The Cronut Creator's Latest And Newest Invention

First came the illustrious cronut (doughnut + croissant). Then came the milk and cookie shots. Now the creator of those two is at it again. This time, the creation is known as a "waffogato".

According to Delish, Dominque Ansel stopped by the Wendy Williams Show to show off his latest creation. The waffogato features a vanilla ice cream, shaped into a waffle, consisting of tapioca balls and bits of Belgian waffle inside. A shot of hot maple syrup espresso is then poured over the frozen waffle, which in turn will melt it and release the tapioca balls and Belgian waffle bits. The concoction will create a sweet sauce for the rest of the ice cream, which finishes off the waffogato.

For those who didn't watch the Wendy Williams Show, the waffogato was introduced via social media. For Ansel, it was through his Instagram, in which he presented the waffogato in a close-up representation.

Wall Stret Journal had a statement, by Ansel, about his waffogato, but also about his unique method of creating unique comfort food culinary masterpieces.

"I always like combining textures and also ideas. Sometimes it can be playful and [you] have something fun and original."
Though his concept may be simple, Ansel's first invention, the cronut, attracted long lines outside his SoHo bakery, an underground trade of knock-off cronuts from other "bakers", and a lot of media attention. As for the waffogato, it may have been showcased on the Wendy Williams Show, but it was made for the Taste of the Nation, a hunger relief organization. The waffogato will make its official public premier at the New York City fundraiser on Monday night. Actually, it was probably Taste of a Nation which spurned the creation of the waffogato, since they asked Ansel to create something special based on a breakfast theme, in which Ansel states:
"I always like to be challenged when doing new things."

As for the two inspirations for the waffogato, they are the classic Italian dessert, affogato (pictured above), which is a scoop of ice cream topped with a shot of espresso, and waffles, which is something Ansel remembers from his childhood when his mother cooked them for him.

"The food you love is the one you remember. Breakfast is waffles for me, it's such a big item."
Just like all the other creations Ansel makes, the waffogato will eventually be available at his bakery, on May 9th. The price is predicted to be around the area of $7.

[Featured image via Instagram][Article image via Bing]