Jim Morrison Says “Fat Is Beautiful” In Newly Released Interview

Who would have thought 42 years after Jim Morrison’s death, he would still be the voice of reason for pop figures of today? In a 1969 interview that was newly uncovered by Blank on Blank, Morrison voices his opinion on the “fat” stigma.

In the interview, which can now be seen in an online PBS series between journalists and famous subjects, The Doors singer emphasizes that “fat is beautiful.” Getting on the topic of weight, Morrison explains the experience he had while gaining weight and how “great” he felt while packing on the weight during his college years.

In the interview Morrison talks to Village Voice writer Howard Smith, a columnist who gained notoriety while reporting on the 1969 Stonewall riots. The transcript of Morrison tackling his views on weight are as follows:

“You know, that’s something that really bothers me. What’s wrong with being fat? That’s what I want to know. Why is it so onerous to be fat? I don’t see anything wrong with fat. You know? I remember when I used to weigh 185 pounds. I was the same height that I now am: 185 pounds.”

Later in the interview, Morrison made the powerful statement that “fat is beautiful” in the following:

” When I’d move through the corridors or across the lawn, I just feel like I could knock anybody out of my way. I was solid, man. It’s terrible to be thin and wispy because, you know, you’d get knocked over by a strong wind or something. Fat is beautiful.”

People in the public eye, especially women have been criticized for their weight gains. In recent years, the media has pinned down natural weight gains during pregnancy, creating headlines that shame the likes of Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian for “packing on the pounds.”

Even recently, singer Adele has had criticism by people in her own industry for being a curvy woman. Joan Rivers, the fashion specialist and comedian, who’s known for saying outrageous things made jabs about the singer’s weight saying, “She’s a chubby lady who’s very, very rich, and she should just calm down — or lose weight!”

Looks like Jim Morrison is still forward thinking in his legacy.

Check out the interview below: