Princess Charlotte Turns 5 — Kate Middleton Releases Stunning Photos Of ‘Lottie’ Delivering Food Parcels

Princess Charlotte waves as she arrives for her first day of school on September 5, 2019 in London, England.
Aaron Chown / Getty Images

Princess Charlotte celebrates her birthday today. In what seems like a blink of an eye, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s only daughter is 5 years old.

To commemorate her fifth birthday, her mother, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, released a photo of her daughter today. This is in addition to the four photographs she shared of her middle child yesterday. She took the stunning photos in April this year.

Katie posted the photos to the Kensington Royal Instagram account and it immediately went viral. The sweet photographs show little Charlotte doing her bit during the pandemic. It was revealed that Charlotte, her siblings, and parents packed and delivered food parcels for pensioners who were isolated in the area.

Charlotte wore a frock with a houndstooth-printed fabric. The darling dress had a wide peter pan collar and two buttons in the front. The classic design is typical of the kind of simple, tasteful clothing that the duchess chooses for her children to wear.

The official portrait released today shows Princess Charlotte looking downward shyly. She wore her hair in a half-ponytail and held a package of homemade pasta with a raffia ribbon. According to the Daily Mail, the 12 bags of pasta were homemade and added to the parcels. The following day, the royal family spent two-and-a-half hours delivering the parcels to people in need.

In the caption. the little girl’s parents thanked everyone for their well-wishes on her birthday. The post proved to be very popular, with more than 1 million people liking the image. More than 15,000 fans also took to the comments section to congratulate Charlotte.

“Aside from being a beautifully composed photograph, what an enchanting and enigmatic little girl she is; something very special about her,” one royal follower commented.

“So beautiful! Happy Birthday Princess Charlotte!” another wished the little girl.

The photos of the previous day also show Charlotte volunteering during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The first snap shows the beautiful girl looking straight at the camera. She crossed her arms and grinned broadly.

The following photo shows Charlotte, pasta in hand, knocking at a front door. In this particular image, one can see how smart she looks in her dark gray stockings and Mary Jane shoes. She stood on a “Welcome home, wipe your feet” mat while waiting for someone to answer the door.

The final two snaps show Charlotte packing the boxes with the food parcels for delivery. She cheerfully arranged the bags as she busied herself in her task.

This week proved to be a busy one for the Cambridge family. William and Kate celebrated their ninth anniversary on April 29, while Prince Louis turned 2 years old on April 23. Prince George will turn 7 years old in July.