Kayla Itsines Shows Off Fit Figure In New Home Workout Video

Kayla Itsines takes a mirror selfie at the gym.
Kayla Itsines / Instagram

Kayla Itsines has been providing her 12.5 million Instagram followers with near-daily workout videos that they can do at home. On Saturday, May 2, Kayla posted her latest exercise circuit in which she taught her trainees how to substitute gym equipment with everyday household items.

Kayla wore a sports bra and spandex shorts for the workout. The pink top featured one thicker and one thinner shoulder strap and left much of the trainer’s upper body exposed, showing off her sculpted arms and toned tummy. The black shorts rode high on her hips and extended down to her knees, contouring to the shape of her long, toned legs. Kayla added a silver exercise watch and a pair of white sneakers to complete the look. She wore her long, brunette tresses up in a high ponytail and made up her face with a bit of eye makeup and lip gloss.

The fitness trainer carried out the workout in her living room, using a pink exercise mat for the floor exercises and a couple of household items for support and resistance. She substituted a pair of dumbbells for two milk jugs filled with water.

The workout consisted of six exercises that targeted the entire body. Kayla started off with step-ups, using a gray chair and the milk jugs for assistance. She then moved into goblet squats, which consisted of regular squats while Kayla secured a milk jug in both hands at her chest.

The third exercise in the circuit was the bicep curl using the milk jugs instead of regular dumbbells. Kayla transitioned next into bend-over rows and then performed a series of static lunges. The workout finished with the straight-leg jackknife, a move that Kayla carried out with her back to the floor. She pulled her legs towards her chest at the same time she met them in the middle with her outstretched arms.

In the caption of the post, Kayla wrote out the various exercises in the circuit and included the number of reps her followers should complete for each. She also explained that she wanted to demonstrate how regular household items can be used in place of gym equipment for those who don’t have access to dumbbells or other gear. Kayla added that two liters of water is equivalent to two-kilogram dumbbells and advised trainees to replace the water with sand for heavier weights.

The post earned thousands of likes and dozens of comments within the first hour of appearing on the photo-sharing site.