WWE Rumors: Former Superstar Could Be Set For In-Ring Comeback After Being Forced To Retire Due To Injury

Edge and Daniel Bryan returning to the squared circle in recent years proved that anything is possible in WWE. Both superstars had to retire in the past due to career-ending injuries, but they shocked fans — and themselves — when they became healthy enough to compete again. Corey Graves has noticed this trend as well, and it appears to have made him hungry to compete again.

As documented by Ringside News, a video has surfaced of the Friday Night SmackDown announcer training his brother Scott Adonis. In the video, Graves can be seen performing some wrestling maneuvers, suggesting that he is gearing up for a miraculous comeback.

While Graves doesn’t take any significant bumps in the video, he does appear to be giving it his all. In the tweet accompanying the clip, his brother also confessed to the blue brand’s color commentator getting the better of him. Graves has been out of action for over five years, but he didn’t show any signs of ring rust.

As Ringside News documented in another report, this follows Graves’ recent revelation about considering a medical to determine whether or not he’s fit enough to compete. The announcer discussed the situation on a recent episode of the After the Bell podcast, where he told Edge how the Hall of Famer’s own comeback had inspired him.

“You and I have gotten along well for quite some time. Watching it, honestly man, it was inspiring and I would say at two or three different points I went, ‘I live in Pittsburgh now. I should go find Dr. Maroon.’ It just gave me that urge to do all this all over again and I don’t know if that’s a possibility, but the thought was planted in my brain for quite some time.”

Graves was forced to retire due to concussion issues while he was still a member of the NXT brand. He never got to experience the WWE main roster as an in-ring performer, though he has since established himself as one of the voices of the company.

However, Graves’ conversation with Edge showed that he still has inklings to compete again. This is likely because he didn’t get to retire from wrestling on his own terms. It remains to be seen if Graves will lace up his boots again, but chances are the company wants him to continue with his current role as he’s proven to be a reliable hand as an on-air personality.

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