Apple iOS 7 Could Get UI Overhaul

Apple’s iOS 7 could be getting a big time overhaul to its UI. New reports have surfaced that Apple is looking to change the way their user interface displays despite rising to the top of the computing world using that particular UI.

Since it was unveiled in 2007, the interface for Apple’s devices such as the iPhone has remain almost entirely unchanged.

Most reports credit the simplicity of the design for the iOS as changing the way people see their smartphone. Despite all of that, it seems as if the computing giant wants to make some rather radical changes.

While the company that is best known for the iPhone and the iPad these days is always secretive about the way it rolls out new products there have been a couple of clues pointing to a big overhaul.

Apple’s iOS 7 is apparently different enough that people with the company who have carry privileges are having to use some filters that block out the ability to see their devices’ screens from a host of different angles.

These filters are obviously built to make sure that no one is going to see the new UI until the company is good and ready. If the changes were minor, it stands to reason that the company wouldn’t be taking these kinds of steps to disguise it.

The newest iOS is expected to be officially unveiled this summer and it stands to reason that it will be released this fall.

That release schedule would seem to fall in line with that the company has done over the last few years. iOS 6 was released in September of 2012.

No specifics are known for certain, but there have been hints that the graphical texture that characterizes the old reliable OS might be gone in the newest iteration.

What are you expecting from the Apple iOS 7?