PS4 Is Most Desired Device Of 2013

Sony’s PS4 is the most desired device in the electronics market for 2013 according to a recent study. That doesn’t mean that the Playstation 4 is the most desired gaming console this year, that means it is more desired than any other gadget or device on the market or due out.

One should take the findings from the study put together by GameStop, since they were put together by GameStop but even if a gaming company is shading the data a certain way its pretty clear that people are anxiously awaiting the next generation console.

Part of the reasons behind the popularity is that there is only one next gen console currently announced. When the Xbox 720 finally does become real it will likely eat into that popularity.

The PS4 is still the king of its hill for the moment. Gamestop’s survey shows that 34 percent of respondents have said they are planning on buying the console when it launches.

This is in strong contrast to the amount of people who are looking to buy a Wii U, even though that particular console is actually available today and has been since November.

GameStop has even said that the company believes the Sony Playstation 4 will be so popular that supply will struggle to meet demand.

The gaming company is basing this particular projection on the number of people who have signed up for their list which will give them advance information about the gaming system.

While its likely that not all 900,000 people who are on the list will actually buy the console, that many people just looking for trickles of information underlines its popularity.

The global launch, which was also considered a long shot earlier this year is almost a certainly now according to the gaming giant. That will help demand for the console as well.

Are you going to be getting a PS4?