Xbox 720: Microsoft Stays Silent On May Announcement

Microsoft is staying silent on the Xbox 720 May announcement rumors.

Microsoft is being ever secretive about their Xbox 720, even to the point of calling it the “Durango.” The development kits are covered in zebra stripes for some speculated but unexplained reason. Now they refuse to acknowledge or deny claims that they will be announcing the next Xbox in May. All they are giving us is a “no comment” all the way.

This definitely fits with the fact that Microsoft is trying to put a lid on all leaks surrounding the Xbox 720 after the system specs were apparently aired out not long ago.

Despite investor speculation by Electronic Arts, who said there will be an announcement in May for the Xbox 720, no official news has been given at this time. A Microsoft representative has gone on record as saying, “We do not comment on rumors or speculation. We are always thinking about what is next for our platform, but we don’t have anything further to share at this time.”

Microsoft apparently believes that, like a good film, secrecy makes the final reveal that much better. Speculation has been running rampant about Microsoft’s next generation console and that is how they want to keep it for now.

The announcement date has been a thing of rumor ever since Sony revealed the PlayStation 4 at their event. At first, the announcement was said to be in April, due to little more than registered website names and dates surrounding them. We only know one thing for sure, and that’s the fact that Microsoft is keeping silent about everything surrounding their next Xbox.

Thus far, the only facts we have about the Xbox 720 are that the Kinect will be mandatory, it will require an internet connection to function, it will use voice recognition controls, and it will block used games.

What do you think about Microsoft’s silence surrounding the Xbox 720?