NeNe Leakes’ Former Friend Yovanna Momplaisr Says She Was ‘Sweating Under Pressure’ During The ‘RHOA’ Reunion

NeNe Leakes poses for Season 12 of 'RHOA' promo
Tommy Garcia / Bravo

NeNe Leakes couldn’t handle the stern words from her Real Housewives of Atlanta cast members during the show’s Season 12 reunion.

The Inquisitr previously reported the virtual event left several of the Atlanta housewives more frustrated than ever. Kandi Burruss teased the May 10 airing by saying multiple housewives logged off of their computer screens during the reunion. Hollywood Life recently spoke to RHOA guest star Yovanna Momplaisr, who confirmed Leakes was one of the cast members who walked out of the reunion early. Leakes is known for exiting a scene when she’s uncomfortable while filming the show or its reunions, and Momplaisr said she didn’t disappoint for the Thursday, April 23 taping. She said Leakes couldn’t handle being confronted by cast members Kenya Moore and Kandi Burruss, who were both feuding with Leakes prior to the reunion.

“That’s probably why [NeNe] kept getting up and walking off,” Momplaisr said of Leakes’ arguments with Moore and Burruss.

“She got ran out of her own house. Okay? She got ran out of her own quote-unquote, house.”

Momplaisr also believes Leakes felt “pressured” by her castmates after being confronted about her actions. For Momplaisr specifically, she used her part of the reunion to discuss the unresolved issues the two former friends had with one another. HL reports the two have been at odds with one another since the “Snakegate” scandal this season. The season showed Momplaisr telling Leakes her former best friend, Cynthia Bailey, bashed her behind Leakes’ back. Momplaisr then allegedly showed Leakes the proof by recording Bailey during one of their conversations. Following the episodes, Momplaisr and Leakes both took to social media to place blame on each other for the recording. Momplaisr said Leakes’ harsh words on social media were then conveniently erased in time for the reunion.

“It’s just funny that these are things that she did not come to the reunion with,” Momplaisr said.

“In fact, in my entire segment with her, she chose to leave and not address anything. So, it’s just strange, because she should have planned her case where she’s paid to.”

Leakes invited Momplaisr onto RHOA in Season 11. The two women met while Momplaisr was shopping at Leakes’ Swagg Boutique in Atlanta. After finding out she was the “snake” who allegedly recorded Bailey, several housewives, including Moore and Porsha Williams, confronted her on their Toronto, Canada trip for allegedly invading Bailey’s privacy. She then left Toronto early and didn’t appear on the show for the rest of the season. Momplaisr has denied ever recording Bailey.