Blake Shelton Says He And Gwen Stefani Are Building A Home Together & Talks About His Two-Month Break

Blake Shelton is taking full advantage of the two-month break he’s been forced to take due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While co-hosting Country Countdown USA from his home state of Oklahoma, Blake talked about what he’s been doing with his unusually excessive amount of free time. The Voice star also confirmed that he and Gwen Stefani are building a new home in the Sooner State.

Blake didn’t reveal any details about the house that he and Gwen are constructing, but he did seem to indicate that it isn’t habitable yet. Instead of hunkering down in their new digs, the couple has been staying on Blake’s secluded ranch near Tishomingo. Blake said that his sprawling property includes a hunting lodge and a few cabins. He remarked that this setup has worked out “incredibly” because he and Gwen aren’t socially distancing alone; a few of Gwen’s family members decided to join them when they left California for Oklahoma.

“Who knew how handy it would work out for us, because Gwen’s family is here, they have their own room, and we have dinner in the lodge,” Blake said.

Blake was questioned about how he’s been keeping himself preoccupied on the ranch, and he indicated that he’s thoroughly enjoying his time off.

“I have been dreaming of two months of vacation for 20 years,” he remarked.

“Lo & behold it happened, and I have been able to get so many things done.”

The “God’s Country” singer listed a few of the activities that are helping him pass the time. Unsurprisingly, many of them are things that he’s unable to do while he’s in California filming The Voice.

Blake said that he’s been taking advantage of it being turkey season in Oklahoma, but the avid hunter didn’t say whether he’s yet bagged a bird to serve to the Stefani clan during one of their dinner gatherings at the lodge. He’s also been fishing, gardening, and farming. Blake revealed that he’s been working so hard out in the field that he’s managed to plant 15-20 acres of corn.

While Blake didn’t mention Gwen being involved in any of his outdoor projects, the country musician’s pop star girlfriend has been helping him grow something other than rows of corn. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Blake is trying to grow out a mullet similar to the one that he sported early on in his country music career, and Gwen has been trimming the sides of his salt-and-pepper mane.

Blake ended his list of social-distancing activities with a more relaxing pastime that his girlfriend and hairstylist doesn’t have to be a country girl to enjoy.

“And of course I drink,” Blake said. “I drank today Lon. It doesn’t matter. I have the day off, just like the rest of the month.”

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