Kevin Ware Will Travel To Final Four With Louisville

Kevin Ware will be able to travel with his Louisville Cardinals team just days after suffering a gruesome injury in the team’s win over Duke in the Elite Eight.

Ware came down hard on his leg after jumping to contest a three-pointer, causing the leg to snap and the bone to break through his skin.

Now, after having surgery to insert a metal rod and being released from the hospital, Ware has been given the OK to travel to Atlanta with his team in the Final Four.

Though he’s now on crutches, Ware said he expects the tournament experience to continue the way it had been.

“It’s going to be how it was before the injury, honestly, you know,” Ware said. “It’s all business. We’ll have fun and celebrate. A lot of the guys are still trying to get over the fact of me being out, not being able to play. But I told them, ‘You all are going to be hearing the same out of me.'”

The sophomore guard was able to return to the Louisville campus on Tuesday. He said he still hasn’t seen footage of the injury and doesn’t plan on watching it.

“That’s just one of those things I’ll never want to see,” Ware said. “Like when you’re a kid and you’ve got that scary movie that you never want to see. That’s just going to be like one of those nightmares I never want to face.

“It happened, and it’s in the past, but I’ve seen the picture. But honestly I don’t want to see it. There wouldn’t be anything in me — you couldn’t pay me all the money in the world to see it.”

Though his team will still have to beat upstart Wichita State to reach the championship game, Kevin Ware has at least one less thing to worry about. Louisville has promised the athlete’s family that they will not have to pay any medical bills.