Matt James Replies to 'Bachelorette' Clare Crawley's Twitter Shade

Matt James told The Bachelorette star Clare Crawley that he didn't create his Cameo account for the "wrong reasons." Rather, he joined the site to raise money for charity.

Crawley subtweeted James on April 25, saying that if any of her season's contestants already have a Cameo account, they shouldn't bother coming on the show, reported Cosmopolitan.


While James wasn't directly mentioned in the tweet, fans suspected she was referring to him. However, he has already gained fame from being best friends with former The Bachelorette contestant, Tyler Cameron.

In an Instagram story published this weekend, he reminded everyone that his Cameo proceeds were going to help COVID-19 patients.

"For those of you who may have missed the messaging earlier this week, myself and Alex Bachman my former teammate and current New York Giants wide receiver have pledged all of our Cameo earnings to the Robin Hood Foundation to fight this fight," he said in the video.

Further adding to the drama, Crawley tried to walk back her original tweet. According to Cosmopolitan, she claimed that her comment was not referring to James, but rather "multiple men."

She replied to another former Bachelor Nation star Olivia Caridi's tweet asking if she had to "deduce" to whom Crawley was referring in the post.

"You weren't supposed to deduce babe, it was about MULTIPLE men and a general thought I was having while we sit here in a real life crisis where someone's (everyone's) time + sincerity hold so much weight and value," Crawley wrote.

However, fans were not having it and were quick to call out the Bachelorette.

"The only person doing interviews and Cameo is Matt. Also, you unfollowed Tyler last night. If you feel this way, just stand by it and don't backtrack," wrote another.

"And here comes the backpedaling. Are you trying to save face or your show?" one user asked.


James had been promoting his charity work prior to the whole tweet drama. He is known for his work with ABC Food Tours, which helps feed and educate underprivileged children. He has also promoted a 12-hour dance marathon to help provide meals for healthcare workers fighting coronavirus, reported Us Weekly.

James is set to appear on Crawley's season, which has been postponed due to coronavirus. He was announced as part of the show's cast back in March.

Although the season hasn't even started yet, the drama is already off the charts.