Fitness Model Lauren Simpson Sports Pink Outfit For Glutes Training Day

Lauren Simpson took to popular social media site Instagram on Monday, April 27, to provide her 1.8 million followers with her latest home workout video, which targeted the glute muscles.

The fitness model wore a pastel pink outfit that consisted of a sports bra and shorts. The bra featured black shoulder straps and a ruched design down the chest with a small cutout at the bottom. The top left a sizable gap between Lauren's upper and lower body, showing off a bit of toned abdomen. On her lower half, the fitness trainer sported a pair of tiny booty shorts that rose high on her hips and extended to just below her backside. The spandex material clung to her chiseled muscles while her long, sculpted legs drew the eye.

On her feet, Lauren wore white ankle socks and a pair of white sneakers with gray stripes. Her platinum blond hair was pulled away from her face and fastened at the base of her head in a ponytail. A bobby bin secured loose strands from falling in her face. Lauren completed the look with thick black mascara, eyeliner, and glossy lips.

The glutes workout consisted of six separate exercises that were featured in individual video clips. Lauren worked out in her living room and used a gray exercise mat and gray resistance band for equipment, while also making use of household items -- including a dining room chair -- for additional support.

The fitness model began her workout with DB wide stance hip thrusts with the resistance band, using a chair and dumbbell for additional equipment. She then moved on to narrow stance hip thrusts with the band, which was similar to the first exercise but didn't require the dumbbell for extra weight. The third move in the circuit was the back foot elevated RDL with band.

In the fourth video, Lauren demonstrated reverse hyper froggies with the band, once again using the chair to complete the exercise. The final two exercises in the workout were glute bridges to abduction and donkey kicks with side extension.

Lauren outlined the exercises, and specified the number of sets and reps her followers should do of each in the caption of the post. She also revealed that due to the hard times many people are currently going through, she is offering her Shred at Home program at a discounted price.

The glutes workout earned several thousand likes and dozens of comments within the first hour. The model's followers filled the comments section with feedback and compliments.

"Can't wait to do this one today," one Instagram user commented.