Spoilers For 'General Hospital': Curtis Vows To Protect Portia & Trina From Cyrus

Jordan and Curtis Ashford are not only husband and wife, but they are also working together to take Cyrus Renault down as well. General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps have indicated that May sweeps will have the new Port Charles villain taking a strange interest in Portia and Trina, and this will spark Curtis into protective mode to keep them safe.

Jordan has been working with her husband, as well as Sonny and Jason, to take Cyrus down before he can hurt anyone else. His latest casualty was Marcus Taggert, who was killed during a shootout trying to protect Trina and Cameron. Now Trina is left without a father and she blames Curtis for his death. He and Portia have a history together and many fans still think that Curtis will end up being Trina's real father instead of Taggert. The current situation is that, for some reason, Cyrus will set his sights on Taggert's widow and daughter.

Cyrus is a dangerous man and that's why Curtis steps in. Jordan is also expected to be upset that her enemy has another target in mind, but it's her husband that does something about it. Cyrus seems to have a plan, and Jordan apparently thinks that she knows what his next move will be.

More General Hospital spoilers tease that Jordan is talking about stepping down from her job as the Port Charles police commissioner, and fans are ready for that to happen. They would rather see someone else in that position since Jordan doesn't seem to solve crimes very often, according to many viewers. It's likely that Curtis will give her a pep talk and dissuade her from resigning.

There may be trouble in paradise for Jordan and Curtis if he spends more time with Portia while trying to protect her and Trina. She and Taggert hadn't been together in a long while, and it doesn't appear that she is seeing anyone else at the moment. This could very well push them closer together.

Could that be one of Cyrus' plans to hurt Jordan even more than he has? He seems to be doing his homework on everyone who has piqued his interest, so he may have discovered that Portia and Curtis share a past. Stalking Portia and Trina may be one way to get Curtis' attention away from Jordan and onto them.

There is much more to come on General Hospital, as Cyrus continues to threaten and cause chaos in many people's lives in Port Charles.