Miranda Lambert Cooks Up Some Vegetable Soup In T-Rex Sweats & A Black Tank Top, 'Sunday's Best'

Miranda Lambert is spending plenty of alone time at her Tennessee farm with her husband, Brendan McLoughlin, during the coronavirus pandemic. On Sunday, the country music superstar took to her Instagram to share how she is spending her day, as well as a few other cute snapshots of her life at the moment. She seems to have impressed her 3.9 million followers with her choice of clothing and amazing kitchen.

The 36-year-old blond beauty is seen standing at her stove with a big pot of vegetable soup bubbling away. She is wearing a cute pair of T-Rex sweatpants and a black tank top. She indicated in the caption that she had spilled some red wine on the matching shirt that goes with the pants, so she opted to throw the tank on instead. She paired the outfit with fun slippers. Lambert has her hair swept up into a high ponytail with a black-and-white bandanna tied on top of her head. She appears to be makeup-free as well.

Miranda Lambert is holding a wooden spoon in one hand and is wearing a yellow potholder in the other as she is using it to lift up the lid of her pink pot to expose the yummy soup she is whipping up for dinner. Her fans are completely impressed with not only her cute pair of dinosaur sweatpants, but they also love her teal-colored stove.

"Those sweats are fantastic!" one of her fans stated.

"That stove is everything" another of her followers said.

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There is also a series of other snaps that seem to be close to the "Bluebird" singer's heart. One of the photos showed off her gorgeous garden with a woodsy setting in the background. Another one was a closeup of her mini horse named Sugar Pie.

Of course, she had to include one photo of her handsome husband as he is sitting on the sofa with three of their dogs surrounding him. She said that he is laughing because he had a time trying to find a place to sit.

The final two pics were that of her busy chicken coop and her pooch, JD. She said that he loves to lie down in the kitchen and gets in the way as she is cooking.

Miranda Lambert previously took to Instagram to give fans an update of her life now that she is homebound due to the coronavirus shutdown. She indicated that she was trying to process not being out on the road. She also mentioned having some anxieties through the current world situation. She said that she and Brendan have been cooking and cleaning, and spending time with the animals and each other.