YouTuber Casey Neistat Shared The Shocking Response He Got After Accidentally Scratching A Stranger’s Car

Rather than having him pay for the damage, the stranger asked Casey Neistat to donate the money to charity.

Casey Neistat looks on.
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Rather than having him pay for the damage, the stranger asked Casey Neistat to donate the money to charity.

Popular YouTuber Casey Neistat warmed many hearts last week when he shared the story of a surprising encounter he had with a stranger. While Neistat was parking, he accidentally scratched a neighbor’s car. Rather than asking him to pay for the damage, the stranger told him to just donate to charity, according to Tank’s Good News.

Neistat, who has a whopping 12 million subscribers on YouTube, noted that while the scratch was not major, he still wanted to take responsibility for the damage that had been done. Because the owner of the vehicle was not around, Neistat wrote a note and left it on the car. He apologized for the accident and insisted that he would pay to have the damage repaired. At the bottom, he included his phone number and instructed the stranger to contact him so that payment could be arranged.

The owner of the vehicle did reach out to Neistat, but it was not the response the YouTuber had expected. The stranger wasn’t angry, and he also did not want Neistat’s money.

“Hey thank you so much for the note. Please don’t worry about the scratch. Any money you had to put towards my car feel free to please donate to a local Venice food bank. Have a great week!” the kind stranger wrote in a text to Neistat.

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Again, Neistat offered to pay, saying that he would send over the funds via Venmo. Nevertheless, the owner of the car still would not take the money.

Thus, Neistat decided to honor his request by donating $250 to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. To prove that he had done so, he sent a screenshot of the donation receipt to the kind stranger.

“Don’t sweat it. Really appreciate you reaching out and donating! The world needs it right now,” they responded.

Neistat only recently moved to Los Angeles and has admitted that he’s struggled to adjust. However, this generous gesture helped him appreciate the city a little bit more. He shared the photos of the heartwarming exchange on Twitter.

“been complaining about LA a lot, lemme share why I love LA. I scratched a guys car this morning when parking my truck, total accident, small but noticeable scratch. I left the owner a note on the wiper and he texted me,” he captioned the tweet.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, in addition to being a content creator on YouTube, Neistat is also known for being vocal online regarding social and political issues.