Blake Horstmann Reflects Upon Renewed Confidence After The Stagecoach Music Festival Debacle

Bachelor in Paradise alum Blake Horstmann is looking back on the Stagecoach Music Festival scandal that battered his reputation one year ago. Horstmann infamously slept with multiple women during the festival, many of whom would later appear alongside him as cast members of Bachelor in Paradise. Once everyone found out about his actions, it led to a pretty dramatic season, according to E! News.

While in Indio, California, for the music festival, Horstmann slept with both Kristina Shulman and Caelynn Miller-Keyes in back-to-back nights. He later flew to Alabama to meet Hannah Godwin, yet another woman who would later appear on the show. While Horstmann went into Bachelor in Paradise as one of the most sought after men, he left alone. He later received lots of hate on social media once the show aired.

It took months before Horstmann was able to get back on his feet again and have a renewed sense of confidence, he explained.

“I am definitely in a better place than I was four, five, six months ago. I’m definitely more confident in who I am. I always say that with my generation and the younger generation, we tend to find confidence in other people’s eyes. We don’t necessarily feel fulfilled unless we’re getting compliments or getting likes or getting retweets. Now I’ve learned to look inward more, look at the person in the mirror rather than trying to get gratification from other people…I’m done with all of that fake stuff.”

Horstmann went on to recall the dark days that followed the airing of Bachelor in Paradise. He battled it out on social media with Miller-Keyes by posting private text messages and later faced more heat at a very hostile reunion show. He said he felt the most alone than he had ever been and felt as if producers from the show had used him to create drama.

While Horstmann still struggles with trust issues, he is investing in his mental health by going to therapy and working through these problems.

“Obviously I have some trust issues now. I’m trying to be more open and communicate better,” he said.

Horstmann is currently single and hopes to find a strong and understanding woman.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Horstmann made some pretty shocking accusations against Bachelor in Paradise producers earlier this year. He claimed that filming the show was miserable and far less glamorous than it was made out to be. He noted that while the producers are “evil,” they are very good at their jobs, which is to make good television.

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