WWE News: Former Superstar Shoots On Triple H Burying Wrestlers

This week's All Elite Wrestling rankings revealed that Cody Rhodes is currently the top performer in the company's men's division. However, given that he's AEW's executive vice president, one fan on Twitter said there would be an outcry if it was a WWE ranking system and Triple H was in the top spot. This prompted a response from AEW commentator Taz, who proceeded to shoot on "The Game."

As documented by WrestlingNews.co, Taz noted how the WWE Hall of Famer dominated the company's main event scene for years, which resulted in several wrestlers being buried by "The Game."

"H has been #1 in their INVISIBLE ranking system for around 15 years! Also, CR puts over talent & doesn't bury & crush people behind their backs, I can go on forever with this, sir u think u know what the deal is…but u have no idea what u are talking about regarding this."
Taz appears to be referring to Triple H's so-called "Reign of Terror" years which occurred during 2002 and 2003. During that time, he was World Champion for the most part, despite calls for him to drop the title to other talents. The most notable example was Booker-T, who was hugely popular in 2003 and seemed destined to win the title at WrestleMania 19, only to be beaten by "The Game" in controversial fashion.

Taz was still a member of the company at the time and was just making the transition between wrestling and commentary. While he was never pushed as a main event superstar, he undoubtedly had some understanding of WWE and the company's backstage politics having served in a variety of roles during his time with the company.

However, Taz also claimed that he feels no ill will toward "The Game" or WWE, after one fan accused him of feeling "sour grapes."
"Dude really? I mean you have to be joking. Over 700 episodes of my podcast & they all exemplify zero bitterness for me. They never fired me, I left on my terms. No need for sour grapes."
Taz's revelation is nothing new. Several former WWE wrestlers and personnel have told similar stories about Triple H throughout the years, and he's not everyone's favorite person in the business. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Justin Roberts said that he buried every wrestler in the company, and recalled a story of a time when the Hall of Famer trashed every performer in the locker room to their faces prior to a WrestleMania match.