WWE News: President Trump Congratulates Fellow Hall Of Famer

Donald Trump was one of several persons of note to pay tribute to Triple H this weekend, as the legendary WWE superstar celebrated 25 years as a member of the company. The U.S. president took to Twitter to retweet a tweet from Vince McMahon, who also congratulated “The Game” on his impressive milestone. Trump noted McMahon’s tweet and elaborated with his own thoughts, claiming that the superstar is “a total winner.”

The tweet came off the back of a controversial week for the president, who has been on the receiving end of some criticism after suggesting that COVID-19 patients could be injected with disinfectants to fight the virus. However, even though the president’s tweet wasn’t political or related to the coronavirus, several commenters were quick to remind the WWE Hall of Famer about his error.

“52 thousand dead Americans and this is what you tweet about,” wrote one Twitter user, who then went on to call Trump a “ghoul.”

Author Jeffrey Gutterman also weighed in on the matter, informing the president of a spike in people “ingesting household cleaner” following his recent comments, while sharing an article which corroborated the claim.

Triple H has yet to acknowledge the president’s tweet, but the superstar has kept quiet about all of the congratulations being sent his way on social media at the time of this writing.

Trump congratulating a WWE superstar might seem out of the blue, but the president does have a storied history with the company and members of its roster. Prior to entering politics, he appeared on WWE television several times throughout the years, famously managing Bobby Lashley during the “Battle of the Billionaires” match at WrestleMania 23. The match ended with Vince McMahon having his head shaven.

Trump is also a close friend of the McMahon family, and the WWE chairman is one of the few people who he follows on social media. As documented by GiveMeSport, McMahon is even advising the president on matters pertaining to the economy as the U.S. contends with the current coronavirus pandemic.

While Trump’s tweet wasn’t well received, the overall sentiment toward Triple H for his anniversary was positive. Last night’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown featured a main event segment where several WWE legends — including McMahon, Shawn Michaels, and Ric Flair — made an appearance to celebrate his iconic career.

Triple H is one of the longest-serving members of the roster, and has made an impact as both a wrestler and as an executive, having turned NXT into a third brand.

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