WWE News: Triple H Wants A Major Change For ‘WrestleMania’ In The Future

This year’s WrestleMania took place over two nights for the first time, and Triple H believes it should be that way from now on. The pay-per-view was very different this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, but all of those changes won’t remain in place. If it is up to Triple H, though, he will most definitely split up future events to take place over two nights.

Over the last few seasons, WrestleMania has continuously become longer, and some have complained about the length of the show. Usually, the biggest wrestling event of the year takes place in front of thousands of fans who are in place for nearly 10 hours.

WrestleMania 36 was not only held in the WWE Performance Center with no fans in attendance but also split up over two nights. That time frame appeared to work very well, and there is the possibility it may continue in the future.

Triple H appeared on a recent episode of Corey Graves’ After the Bell podcast to discuss several topics, and WrestleMania was a focal point. Having it as a two-night event could end up becoming the new normal for WWE’s iconic show.

“This is my opinion, but it was much more enjoyable than the eight-hour extravaganza. I think at some point that [the two nights] is probably what it should be. It has just become so big that it’s almost like, when you think about it, in a way, it started out as a concert that ended up being a festival.”

WrestleMania 36 had 18 matches on the card, with them being split evenly between Saturday, April 4, and Sunday, April 5.

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WWE has already announced that WrestleMania 37 will take place on Sunday, March 28, 2021, at the brand new SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California. That means a two-night event likely won’t be able to happen next year.

There is still a great deal of uncertainty as to how life will be as people attempt to return to normalcy. If social distancing guidelines are still in place by next year, WWE could change things up to hold WrestleMania 37 over two nights.

With nearly a year until that event, WWE is reportedly already putting contingency plans in place.

Triple H does have a lot of influence as to how things go behind the scenes in WWE, but the final decision will come from Vince McMahon. If WrestleMania is ever split up over multiple nights again, it will need to be in the best interest of the company and its fans.

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