Take Note Collegiates: Adults Wish They’d Studied More, Partied Less [Poll]

If you’re in college right now, listen up: A recent poll of U.S. adults showed that a majority of college graduates wish that they had studied more and networked better during their tenures in higher education.

The parties and the hookups seem like a gas now, but there will come a day when you’ll wish you had gone to class that one Monday morning and actually taken your mid-terms seriously, according to a poll conducted by 60 Minutes and Vanity Fair.

As a (fairly) recent college grad myself, I have to say I’m not quite at the point where I regret my own partying ways just yet, but I’m told that nearly half of the 861 adults surveyed regret not studying and networking more. By comparison, only 4 percent wish they’d had more sex, and only one percent wish they’d done more drugs.

When it came to their own kids, almost half of the respondents said that if their kid was offered their dream job while still in school, they’d tell them to stick with school. The other half of respondents either withheld an opinion or said they’d tell their kid to take the job.

Also, what college movie did most respondents wish their undergrad had resembled? A quarter chose Good Will Hunting, with another almost-quarter picking The Social Network. Frat comedy Animal House and blonde comedy Legally Blonde came in with 11 percent each.

So if you’re partying so hard that your grades are starting to suffer, maybe you should dial it back a bit before you regret it.

On the other hand, if you’re like my own undergraduate roommate who never left the room and wasn’t much interested in socializing (though felt guilty about it, like maybe he should get out once in a while) … you’ll probably be okay in the end.

Are you a college graduate? Do you wish you had studied/networked more and partied a bit less? Sound off!