Danica Patrick Stuns By Performing Incredibly Difficult Yoga Poses Including A Flying Splits

Danica Patrick keeps amazing her fans by showing off the many yoga poses that she’s capable of perfectly executing. On Tuesday, she took to Instagram to share a new yoga video with her 771,000 followers, and the transition she successfully completed just might be the toughest move that she’s performed yet. It required balance, core stability, flexibility, and a lot of arm strength.

For her workout, the 38-year-old former NASCAR competitor rocked a gray sleeveless crop top that showed off her muscular arms. She was also wearing a pair of white workout leggings that featured an inky blue floral print and dark blue piping on the inner legs. Danica was barefoot, and she had her dark hair pulled back in a tight ponytail.

The incredible athlete began by placing her left knee on the ground. Her right foot was on the floor, and her knee was bent. She crouched down and wrapped her right arm underneath her right leg, placing the palm of her hand flat on the floor. Danica positioned her right ankle so that it was resting on her left thigh right above her knee. She moved her right leg up a bit as she placed her other hand flat on the floor, and she tightly wrapped her leg around her arm.

Danica then tilted her face forward so that it was mere inches away from the floor. As she precariously balanced on her hands, she straightened her left leg out and lifted it up so that her body was almost at a 45-degree angle. This was the flying lizard pose.

Danica then began the tough transition to the flying splits pose. She brought her left knee back down to her chest, and she slowly moved her right leg so that it was no longer wrapped around her arm. She swung it out to the side, rested her thigh on her right tricep, and extended her left leg back and up so that it was at a 45-degree angle. To complete the split, she straightened out her right leg and pointed her toes.

Throughout the entire transition, Danica’s legs and feet never touched the ground.

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Danica’s Instagram followers were seriously impressed with her latest yoga demonstration.

“‘Do not try this at home’ – that is insane,” read one response to her video.

“Tuck and roll! Damn Gina! That’s awesome! That’s incredible discipline,” another fan wrote.

“And I thought watching you Race was Amazing,” a third admirer remarked.

“I’d break at least an arm trying to pull that off,” a fourth comment read.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Danica performed a series of crow pose variations in a video that she uploaded last month. One of the more difficult poses required her to do a handstand.

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