'General Hospital' Spoilers For Tuesday: Mike Puts Sonny In A Tough Spot

Sonny Corinthos and Mike Corbin are going to have a very difficult discussion during Tuesday's episode of General Hospital. Spoilers for the April 21 show hint at the aftermath of Mike's latest medical emergency and a moment of clarity that will surely break Sonny's heart.

The last that viewers saw, Sonny had received a call indicating that Mike had taken another fall at Turning Woods. This time, he was told, Mike may have experienced a seizure. The sneak peek for Tuesday's show shared via Twitter shows that Sonny will rush to be by his father's bedside.

At one point as Sonny spends time with Mike, sorting through what has just happened, a difficult question will arise. Mike will look up at Sonny and ask if it's over.

The context as this scene airs may be different, but in the preview, it certainly seems as if Mike is asking if he's about to pass away. Sonny looks rattled to hear his father ask this question, and he may struggle to decide how to answer.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sonny is going to have a difficult time accepting this new development. Seizures can be a sign of end-stage Alzheimer's, he'll be told, but he will initially try to brush this off as something less significant.

Sonny's need to be with Mike will cause a ripple in his ongoing drama with fellow mobster Cyrus Renault. While the two men are slated to meet to discuss their situation, Sonny will miss it to be with his father. Whether that ends up helping or hurting his efforts to negotiate and get Cyrus to back down remains to be seen.

It's not known yet whether this really is the end for Mike or not. Sonny has been struggling over the looming loss of his father for months now, and the older man's condition has been deteriorating very rapidly in recent weeks. He's not going to improve at this point, but he may not be sharing his final moments with his loved ones quite yet.

At the moment, spoilers from SheKnows Soaps don't reveal anything more about Mike in the episodes ahead. There don't appear to be any hints about a death or a funeral coming within the next couple of weeks, and Sonny will take Jason with him to meet with Cyrus next week.

Given those tidbits, it doesn't sound as if Mike will be passing away quite yet, but that's not known for certain. However, General Hospital spoilers tease that viewers will see some powerful, emotional moments between Sonny and Mike coming with Tuesday's show, and they won't want to miss these.