Chrissy Teigen Is Annoyed With John Legend, Says ‘It’s Not An Easy Job, His’

Lockdown during a quarantine has proved to be a particularly slow and arduous time for some, and small annoyances might start to grate more than usual in certain circumstances. Even the pettiest of trivialities can seem like atrocities during such a time, a sentiment expressed by Chrissy Teigen as of late, per her Twitter feed.

Very early on Tuesday morning, Teigen sent out a tweet about her latest gripe with her husband, John Legend. However, many of her fans are of the mind that her annoyance is entirely justified.

Teigen’s followers appreciated the absurdity of the tweet, and some expressed that they have experienced similar situations while in quarantine. Acknowledging that when stuck inside during a pandemic, food — and television shows — take heavy precedence, Teigen’s fans were more than happy to provide words of support in response to her tweet.

“Sometimes multi-tasking must be taught the hard way. He’ll learn or he’ll suffer,” wrote a sympathetic fan.

“Im glad I’m not the only one who does this. Cuz I literally do this to my girlfriend on a DAILY how does she put up with me,” someone else commented, along with a laughing-face emoji.

“He could have watched on his phone! Lazy. Take away his stimulus check!” a third follower urged, perhaps jokingly.

“Well if he was a better husband he’d have moved a fridge and microwave into every room in the house, don’t blame yourself HE SHOULD BE THINKING!” comedienne Urzila Carlson added.

As of this morning, Teigen’s tweet has received over 177,000 likes and over 6,000 retweets.

“You’re perfect,” Legend tweeted back at his wife, adding a heart-faced emoji.

“You are already married. It’s safe to tell the truth now,” a commenter tweeted to Legend.

While in quarantine with her family, Teigen has been making the best of a difficult situation, sharing funny and sweet posts about what they’ve been doing with their time at home. From doing rap videos with her husband to celebrating their daughter’s birthday — and even making elaborate hot fudge sundaes — Teigen and Legend have been managing to entertain themselves, their kids, and their fans during the lockdown.

One of the couple’s most notable antics occurred just a few weeks ago when Legend and Teigen staged a wedding for their 4-year-old daughter Luna’s stuffed animals. According to Harper’s Bazaar, Teigen officiated the ceremony while Legend honored the newly wedded plush toys with a song — Selena Gomez’s “Hands to Myself.”

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