‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Tuesday: Laura Lashes Out At Lulu Over Charlotte

The General Hospital previews for Tuesday’s episode reveal that Laura is angry, and it’s not directed at Valentin Cassadine this time. She will be lashing out at her daughter Lulu for putting her hatred for Valentin above Charlotte’s welfare.

When Laura gets angry, the people around her know it. On Tuesday, it looks like the women will be hashing it out over the custody battle for Charlotte. It’s likely that Lulu will start in on how bad Valentin is and how she doesn’t want him in her daughter’s life. She has been a harsh critic and that is all she seems to talk about lately. Even Maxie is tired of hearing it, as seen last week. Laura and Lulu had left Valentin alone with Charlotte on Monday and he is about to get a big dose of reality when it comes to his daughter. Soap Central indicates that he will see a different side of Charlotte on Tuesday’s General Hospital and that may just be a turning point for him.

He knows that she bought that snake to get back at Ava Jerome. While he may have thought it was a bit humorous, what Charlotte tells him next is expected to change things. In the preview clip, the little girl tells her dad that it’s not what he said, but what he did. It appears that whatever he did in the past may have caused Charlotte to want to be just like him. That seemingly means to get back at the people who have hurt her. He certainly won’t want his only child to become as ruthless as he can be.

Laura has also seen a different side of Valentin, and that is being a good father to her granddaughter. Despite all that he has done to her and her family, she sees the love that he has for Charlotte. Laura just wants what is best for her.

It’s clear that Lulu says something that sets her mom off. Lulu may not be happy that she is defending Valentin and questions her about it on Tuesday. An angry Laura hollers that she is just advocating for Charlotte.

There are hints that were teased this week by Soap Opera Digest that says Valentin will end up doing what is best for his daughter. That may mean calling a truce with Lulu and even calling off the custody battle. Will he really give up custody of Charlotte?

Lulu may also soften her heart and come to a compromise with Valentin, especially after hearing what her mother has to say on Tuesday’s General Hospital.

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