‘Defiance’ Releases Launch Trailer [Video]

Defiance, the video game has launched today and in celebration of that launch the developers of the game have put out a new launch trailer.

This game is quite different from any other games that have launched this year because it is actually designed to play alongside the SyFy original series that is beginning on April 15.

Once the television show premieres there are promises that the game, which is designed as a massive multiplayer online shooter will actually expand the playable world.

Defiance, both the game and the show are set 35 years in the future. In this future, an alien race has come to earth and after first being told they could colonize parts of the world, they have that permission pulled out from under them.

The aliens then start a war with earth that scars the landscape and the air. Both races realize they must put together a cease fire before the planet becomes unlivable for everyone.

This is where the game and the show picks up, with the Votans and the humans living together in an uneasy peace. You can get the basic version of the game for about $59.99 and then there are all kinds of different add-ons you can pay for.

Once you have bought the actual game, you can also purchase a season pass for $39.99. That extra pack will give you additional weapons, missions and playable characters. That season pass is basically a DLC that you can grab right away.

No one knows exactly how the game will go along with the television series, most of the details of that have been kept under wraps. We do know that the characters that are in the show are also in the game and it stands to reason that some of the action that is in the show will be playable in the digital world.

In order to really see how the two tie together we’ll have to wait until April 15 and the television series premiere.

Check out the launch trailer for Defiance and tell us what you think