Spoilers For 'General Hospital' Hint At Drama Between Robert & Spinelli

New General Hospital spoilers for the week of April 20 tease that things could get rather intense between Damian Spinelli and Robert Scorpio. Both men want to see Peter August exposed and destroyed, but they have different ideas regarding how to make that happen. Now, it seems the two men may hit a fork in the road in terms of how they each envision moving forward with this challenge.

During Monday's episode, Spinelli and Robert will run into one another and words will be exchanged. According to a snippet from the new sneak peek for the week shared on Twitter, the conversation between the two might not go very smoothly.

Robert will ask Spinelli if he's looking for dirt on Peter, and his tone suggests that he really already has the answer to this question figured out. Spinelli tends to stammer and get anxious in situations like this, and it looks likely that'll happen again.

Granted, Spinelli also has a long history of trying to be something of a tough guy and failing miserably. General Hospital spoilers suggest that this conversation with Robert may take Spinelli down a similar path.

The preview shows that Robert will end up calling Spinelli a rodent. Not only that, but Robert will angrily ask Spinelli if he's trying to blackmail the former WSB agent.

Ordinarily, virtually anybody who knows Robert would be too wise to try to blackmail him in any sense. Whatever it is that Spinelli does to insinuate such a thing apparently isn't very effective.

Robert might see Spinelli as a rodent, but he also may find himself trying to set that perception aside. If the two men were to coordinate efforts, their chances of exposing Peter would probably increase exponentially.

The upcoming exchange between Robert and Spinelli should be pretty entertaining, even if the conversation between the two men is rather heated. General Hospital spoilers haven't revealed where this challenge heads next, but Robert is facing trouble of some kind.

SheKnows Soaps reveals that during Monday's episode, Robert will receive bad news he needs to share with someone. It's not known yet who this news involves or who he'll need to talk to in sharing it though. Viewers do know, however, that Peter recently made a phone call to a mystery partner to set some plan in motion that will create a distraction for Robert, so it's possible these two things will be related.

Peter does have a good track record of staying a step ahead of Robert, Jason, and anybody else who gets in his way. Despite that, General Hospital spoilers hint that he won't manage to keep this up forever, and fans will be curious to see how Robert and Spinelli might figure into Peter's eventual downfall.