Disney Plus Introduces New Type Of Princess In ‘The Secret Society Of Second-Born Royals’

Disney released exclusive photos of its upcoming sci-fi adventure film, The Secret Society of Second Born Royals, over the weekend, as reported by Entertainment Weekly. If you’re at all concerned about the lack of summer movies to keep the kids entertained this summer, Disney Plus has you covered.

With the film set to be released, kid viewers are introduced to a new type of Disney princess: the spare. Peyton Elizabeth Lee (of Andi Mack fame) stars as Sam, a second-born princess forever feeling like she’s stuck in the shadow of her older, perfect sister, Eleanor, the heir to their kingdom. In an interview with EW, Lee described her character in a way that most younger siblings will find relatable.

“Sam has always felt like not only is she second born, but she is also second best. She is struggling to find where she can shine and where she belongs.”

However, Sam is in luck, because in this universe, being the second-born royal means that you get awesome superpowers, a seemingly impressive consolation. There is a catch, though. Sam is now mandated to join a clandestine peacekeeping organization of super-powered spies comprised of other second-born royals. Now, she and the other second-borns must head to boot camp to harness their powers so they can protect and save the world.

When the contemporary royal film was first announced last year, Disney Plus Senior Vice President of Content Agnes Chu told Deadline just how excited they were for the production and their cast of talented young actors.

“We are big fans of Peyton and are thrilled that she and the rest of the cast will bring this exciting world to life for Disney+. We love the themes of self-discovery and empowerment inside Secret Society of Second Born Royals, and our partners at Disney Channel are the perfect team to deliver this movie with adventure, humor and heart.”

Other familiar faces are set to appear in the film, such as Niles Fitch from This Is Us and Elodie Yung from Daredevil. Skyler Astin of Pitch Perfect will also play a significant role as the second borns’ teacher and mentor. Also at the helm will be director Anna Mastro (Marvels’ Runaways), writers Alex Litvak (Predators) and Andrew Green (Hannah Montana), and producers Austen Winsberg (Gossip Girl) and Mike Karz (The Nut Job).

The Secret Society of Second-Born Royals will join other Disney Plus original movies such as Artemis Fowl, Stargirl, and the live-action Lady and the Tramp.

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