Stephanie Sanzo Wears Tiny Blue Booty Shorts For Strength Training Workout

Stephanie Sanzo took to popular social media site Instagram on Monday, April 20, to add a new exercise circuit to her home workout collection. Requiring the use of dumbbells, the workout is designed to target the lower body.

For the workout, Stephanie wears a white Adidas crop top with short sleeves and black stripes extending down from the shoulder. A blue sports bra peeks out from the hem of the top and matches the model's shorts. The booty shorts rise high on Stephanie's hips and cling to her backside and upper thighs, emphasizing her curvy figure. Her muscular legs are exposed from the thigh down.

Stephanie completes the outfit with white converse sneakers and a white exercise watch. She wears her long, blond hair tied back in a low ponytail and lets her side bangs hang loose. Her face is made up with a bit of black mascara, eye shadow, and pink lips.

The workout consists of six dumbbell exercises, each featured in its own video clip. Stephanie carries out the workout in an outdoor space while standing on a concrete patio. While the fitness trainer recommends that her followers use a variety of different weights based on their fitness level for each exercise, she offers a separate option for those who only have lighter dumbbells at home -- instead of completing a set number of reps for each exercise, the goal is to complete as many reps as possible within a predetermined amount of time.

The first exercise that Stephanie demonstrates is the front squat while holding the dumbbells up by the shoulders. She then moves into Romanian deadlifts, followed by lunges that include oblique twists. The fourth exercise is the goblet squat, in which Stephanie uses one dumbbell pinned against her chest. The final two exercises in the circuit are single-leg Romanian deadlifts and straddle squat pulses.

In the caption of the post, Stephanie encourages her followers to increase the intensity of the workout as much as possible by using a challenging weight for each exercise. Trainees should nearly reach failure by the end of each exercise. The fitness trainer adds that her fans can subscribe to her LIFTING at Home Program for a fully structured training program they can do at home.

The post earned thousands of likes and dozens of comments within the first couple of hours of appearing on the photo-sharing site. Many of Stephanie's 1.8 million followers complimented her on the workout and expressed how much they loved her exercises.

"Love it! Your workouts are the best!," one Instagram user commented.