New 'General Hospital' Promo Hints That Chase & Sasha's Plan Moves Forward, Leaving Willow Devastated

Things are finally happening this week, a new General Hospital promo reveals. The fight for custody of Wiley will be taking a bit of a turn over the coming days as it looks like Chase and Sasha cook up a plan to throw Michael and Willow together.

In the new promo clip that was posted by General Hospital on Monday, Willow tells Chase that she can't marry Michael because she is in love with him. By the end of the preview, Chase is seen angrily throwing something across the room. The next scene shows Willow walking in the door looking shocked by something she sees. It appears that these two scenes go hand-in-hand together. Willow could be surprised by Chase's angry outburst when she walks in. However, it could also be two separate occurrences.

Sasha has been consistently trying to convince Michael that he should marry Willow in an effort to up his game in the custody battle with Nelle. After much thought, Chase has finally agreed that the love of his life will not be able to live with herself if she hasn't done all that she could to make sure that Nelle doesn't get her hands on Wiley. It seems that Diane has convinced everyone that Michael marrying Willow is the answer. Sasha is determined to make that happen.

Speculation among General Hospital fans is that Chase and Sasha cook up a plan to make it look like they have cheated on Michael and Willow. Is that what Willow actually walks in on? Will she see her guy making out with Michael's girlfriend? It's not clear on how it will all go down at this point, but the hints from the promo seem to point toward that scenario.

As The Inquisitr had previously detailed, Chase has figured out that Willow is not going to be happy unless Wiley is safe and sound with his dad. That leaves Chase with no choice but to go along with a plan that moves her toward a marriage with Michael. Since he isn't able to convince Willow himself that this is what she needs to do, he and Sasha will seemingly move forward to make sure she is pushed in that direction.

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central say that Willow will be heartbroken. That seems to suggest that something will indeed happen that will leave her devastated and that is likely what convinces her to make the decision to marry Michael.

This week is sure to be heartbreaking for Chase, as he sees the woman he desperately loves move on to be with his best friend. They are all doing it for the sake of Wiley, but there are plenty of costs along the way.