Robin Thicke’s Music Video Gets Banned From YouTube

Robin Thicke’s music video for “Blurred Lines” has been banned from YouTube.

The unrated version of the spicy clip has been yanked from the popular site. The singer believes it was the large amount female nudity in the video that resulted in the banning.

While the guys who appear in the clip are dressed in sharp suits, the women are wearing next to absolutely nothing. Since YouTube tends to frown on nudity of any sort, the “Blurred Lines” video has since disappeared from its servers.

While the folks at YouTube thought the clip was a little too racy for its users, it is still available on other sites.

“YouTube took down the unrated version of ‘Blurred Lines’ because it was too hot!” Robin Thicke tweeted to his followers. “You can still view it here on Vevo.”

The singer’s representative confirmed the video’s removal with The Associated Press. Although the offending clip has since been removed, a tamer version is still available for fans to enjoy.

“Blurred Lines” has racked up over a million viewers since it debuted on YouTube about a week ago. While fans won’t get to enjoy the totally uncut version of the song on this particular site, chances are the controversy will only fuel the song’s growing popularity.

Robin Thicke said during a recent interview that he tends to write songs that he wants to hear when putting together his albums. His latest creation is apparently no exception.

The singer explained:

“It’s got a lot of up-tempo stuff more than I normally make. And then it’s got those sexy ballads and heartfelt music. I never like to repeat myself. I always try to make sure every album is completely different from all the others that I made. So hopefully I accomplished that.”

The edited version of the “Blurred Lines” video is below. Although it’s not as racy as the unrated cut, the clip could be defined as unsafe for work by some. Proceed with caution.

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