WWE News: Former World Champion Cleared To Return To Action After 10-Month Absence

Former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal could be set to return to television. According to a recent report from Wrestling Rumors, the divisive superstar revealed that he’s been medically cleared and is just waiting for the call to return to Monday Night Raw or Friday Night SmackDown.

Mahal hasn’t wrestled since last June, after being sidelined with a knee injury that was expected to keep him out of action for 12 months. However, he appears to have recovered earlier than expected and is ready to go whenever WWE wants him to.

The report also states that the former WWE Champion was rumored to return at this year’s Royal Rumble, suggesting that he’s been healthy again for months. Of course, that was all just speculation, and in the end, he didn’t make his comeback at the pay-per-view.

Mahal’s absence is an opportunity to reintroduce him to the product with a fresh start. After his five-month WWE Championship reign came to an end in 2017, he floundered in the midcard before eventually becoming an enhancement talent.

Mahal won the United States Championship in 2018 and made it to the final of the Mixed Match Challenge tournament with Alicia Fox. Since then, the company appeared to lose faith in “The Modern Day Maharajah” becoming a main event star, though his booking and storylines arguably didn’t help his case.

Prior to his injury, he won the 24/7 Championship from R-Truth on a golf course and in an airport. This was just before he suffered the injury that’s kept him out of action for the last 10 months.

During the last WWE draft in October of last year, Mahal was drafted to Monday Night Raw. Most injured superstars did not participate in the draft, but Mahal was a rare exception. Perhaps the company expected him to return sooner, or they have plans to use him on the red brand when he eventually returns.

There is no telling when Mahal will return to television. While the company is still hosting live events after being deemed an essential business, the current coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult for talent to travel to shows.

Furthermore, there is no guarantee that he’ll keep his job either. As The Inquisitr documented earlier this week, underutilized WWE superstars have been released from their contracts as the company makes efforts to cut costs, given that their finances have taken a hit as a result of the coronavirus crisis. More employees are still expected to be released at the time of this writing.

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