Nicki Minaj ‘High School’ Video Gets Sexy With Lil Wayne

The Nicki Minaj High School video is getting attention because the singer is found getting steamy with rapper Lil Wayne.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Nicki Minaj doesn’t seem to be taking too kindly to criticism from Devin Velez after he was eliminated from American Idol. Nicki Minaj also stated publicly that this year’s American Idol winner won’t be a boy. All this dram from Nicki Minaj did not stop American Idol’s rating from hitting an all-time low.

MTV News describes the new Nicki Minaj High School video:

“Directed by Benny Boom, “High School” is set, nope, not in a school, but in a gorgeous mansion, featuring Nicki as the ambiguous girlfriend/model/plaything to an aggro crime boss. There are no books in this school. Only money, jewels, Louis Vuitton duffel bags, and revealing swimwear.

“One day, said mob boss/jewelry thief invites Lil Wayne and his crew (Birdman cameo!) over to talk business, and that’s where Lil Wayne first makes eyes at Nicki. Suddenly, all material wealth and business gain becomes (mostly) unimportant, and the two lovebirds fall into bed together (cue some very sexy bedroom scenes with Nicki in a busty bustier).

“Of course this can’t end well for the star-crossed lovers, so Nicki pulls a fast one on her unsuspecting boyf, nabbing most of his bounty and driving off with Wayne and his crew (how all love stories end). Hopefully, Nicki’s mob boss doesn’t know where Wayne lives, right?”

If anything, Nicki Minaj is even steamier in the behind the scenes video accompanying the release of the High School music single. Nicki Minaj is wearing a yellow swimsuit so tight that her breasts apparently pop out. At one point Nicki Minaj asks what she should be wearing and blank-faced Lil Wayne replies, “Nothing.” When Nicki Minaj starts rolling her eyes, Lil Wayne starts singing, “It’s your birthday. It’s your birthday.”

What do you think about the new Nicki Minaj High School video?