‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Star Jenna Cooper Gets Apology From Reality Steve As They Dissect Fake Cheating Texts

Jenna Cooper has cleared the air with blogger Reality Steve. The Bachelor In Paradise star was a guest on the spoiler king’s podcast where they hashed out her alleged “cheating scandal,” and she got an apology from him, to boot.

In 2018, Jenna made headlines after Reality Steve posted bombshell information about leaked text messages that made it appear that Jenna had cheated on her then-fiance, fellow Paradise star Jordan Kimball, with a “sugar daddy.” Jenna and Jordan suddenly split as the incriminating text screenshots surfaced just as their season of Bachelor in Paradise ended.

After Reality Steve broke the news about the texts, Jenna repeatedly denied that the texts were real and even claimed she had “forensic” iCloud evidence that would prove her innocence, per E! News. At the time, Reality Steve said the evidence proved nothing and added, “I stand by my reporting.”

In the new interview with Reality Steve, Jenna admitted that while her first thought was never that Jordan was behind the scheme, her issue with him was “him throwing me under the bus and not being on my side,” per Life & Style.

Jenna added that some pieces of the fake texts looked like parts of messages she had sent to her ex-boyfriend. The model and The Bachelor blogger both feel that “multiple people” were involved in the scam, with Reality Steve adding that he thinks some “sick people had it out” for Jenna and Jordan as a couple and wanted to sabotage their relationship.

Reality Steve then shocked everyone as he issued a formal apology to Jenna nearly two years after his bombshell report blew up her relationship. The blogger also posted a link to his interview to Twitter to reveal there was a lot to the story that he didn’t know when he first reported it.

“You probably never thought this podcast would ever happen,” Steve wrote. “Neither did I. But it did. … A lot to the story that you didn’t know, nor did I, until recently.”

Jenna, who is expecting her first baby in June with her new love, businessman Karl Hudson, later took to Instagram to say she wanted to speak out sooner to properly clear her name, but that her network contract prevented her from doing so.

The blond beauty revealed she found proof that two women that she had never met were involved in helping to create the scandal, and that after she reached out to Reality Steve, they compared notes and were able to determine that it was a smear campaign.

Jenna also thanked Reality Steve for retracting the story, deleting everything related to the scandal, and apologizing to her.

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