‘Pump Rules’ Fans React After Tom Schwartz Sniffs Lisa Vanderpump’s Bra

Vanderpump Rules fans are reacting to Tom Schwartz’s run-in with Lisa Vanderpump’s bra. On the most recent episode of the Bravo reality show, the TomTom partner was caught with the wealthy restaurateur’s underwear in his suitcase, and he later admitted he copped a sniff of her high-end lingerie.

In a hilarious scene, Schwartz was seen unpacking his suitcase after arriving in Las Vegas for a wedding re-do with his wife, Katie Maloney. That’s when he pulled a bra that wasn’t Katie’s out of his bag. After Katie assured him the lacy black garment was not hers, Schwartz — whose “checkered past” has been well documented on the show — got nervous, even though he knew he had done nothing wrong.

Vanderpump Rules fans know that it was actually Lisa who was behind the prank. The SUR owner told Katie that after Schwartz’s luggage was mistakenly brought to her hotel room, she decided to have some fun.

“His case came to my room, and my case went to his room, so I put some of my underwear in Schwartz’s luggage,” Lisa told Katie, per People Magazine.

Lisa explained that she thought Schwartz finally needed to be held “accountable” for something. Indeed, the group was gathered in Vegas for Tom and Katie’s second wedding because he failed to file the proper marital paperwork after the couple exchanged vows in California nearly four years ago.

After Katie later let Tom off the hook and let him know the bra actually belonged to Lisa, he was relieved — and strangely mesmerized. He not only repeatedly sniffed the bra but also said he wanted to keep it, albeit not in a “weird” way.

It’s no surprise that Vanderpump Rules viewers had a field day with Tom’s bra-sniffing as they reacted on social media. On Twitter, several fans thought the whole thing was “creepy.” Others chalked it up to a total Schwartz moment.

On the Vanderpump Rules aftershow posted on Bravo, Schwartz admitted that after he found out he was in possession of Lisa’s bra, he just had to sniff it. When asked what Lisa’s lingerie smelled like, Schwartz said it smelled like “diamonds and rosé.” He also admitted he hoped the Vanderpump Rules queen bee would let him keep the bra, but she ultimately made him return it to her, after asking for it five times.

On the aftershow, Lisa also reacted to Schwartz smelling her bra.

“It’s a little bit unsettling,” the Vanderpump Rules star said.

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